Liz African Beauty - Greenville, SC
4609 White Horse Rd - Greenville SC 29611 - (864) 295-9838 - (864) 202-2006
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Liz African  Beauty - Greenville, SC

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Liz African  Beauty - Greenville, SC

  Salon Profile
If you are looking for fast service and very unique styles, you’ve reached the right place! You will receive prompt, courteous service all the time! Call us for more information.
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Please, check our What's New? page occasionally to take advantage of any special promotion.

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Business Hours
Monday - Saturday
8:00 AM - 9:30 PM
Sunday by Appointment

(864) 295-9838 - (864) 202-2006

  Featured Collection
Forget about braids Magazines! 100% Our Pictures - (Yes) - What You See Is What You Get...
  Case Studies: Before & After
Do not worry about your Bald Spot... Liz has the solution for you. By Combining the technique of hair braidery to her personal experience Ms. Liz could fill-up the bald spot to bring back your beauty... See those pictures or stop by for more pictures - Some pictures cannot be displayed here due to privacy...
  Liz Collection
  Hair Products By Liz...

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Walk-Ins Welcome & Appointments Preferred

4609 White Horse Rd , Greenville SC 29611 USA
(864) 295-9838 - (864) 202-2006

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